What your dentist in Kinnelon wants you to knowroot canal

A root canal is a common procedure that can potentially save a badly damaged tooth. Root canals, also called endodontic procedures, are performed for a variety of reasons. Dr. Peter Brusco in Kinnelon, NJ wants to share why you might need a root canal and how a root canal can help your smile.

You might need a root canal even if you don’t have any pain or symptoms. The inner chamber of a tooth, an area called the pulp chamber, is filled with living tissue, nerves and blood supply. Sometimes the tissue can harden, a natural process called sclerosis, and the nerves and blood supply can dry up. All you may notice is the dying tooth changing color, becoming darker.

Other common causes of root canal problems include:

  • Deep decay that has penetrated to the pulp of your tooth
  • Accidents or sports injuries resulting in tooth trauma
  • Injuries to your jaws or face
  • Long-term grinding or clenching

The need for a root canal results from inflammation and swelling in the pulp chamber of your tooth. You may experience increased pressure and pain within the tooth, along with other symptoms like these:

  • Sharp or throbbing pain that continues and doesn’t resolve
  • Sharp or throbbing pain from hot and cold foods or beverages
  • Redness, swelling or white drainage around the root tip of your tooth

If you experience symptoms, it’s important to know that only your dentist will know for sure if you need a root canal. Using all of the latest tools including digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras and pulp and vitality testing, Dr. Brusco can determine if your tooth needs a root canal. That’s why it’s so important to visit your dentist at the first sign of trouble.

If you do need a root canal, don’t worry! Dr. Brusco will make your appointment comfortable during and after treatment. For more information about the causes of root canal problems and endodontic therapy, call Dr. Brusco in Kinnelon, NJ. You don’t have to suffer from tooth pain, so call today!