Missing teeth can have a dramatic effect on your self-confidence. Dr. Peter Brusco can help. Dental implants in Kinnelon, NJ are a great way to restore your smile. Keep reading to learn more about this procedure. 

What Are Implants?

Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. They can be thought of as permanent false teeth. Implants are preferable for many patients because they provide the strength of natural teeth. Implants are also considered more convenient because there is no need to remove the teeth at night for cleaning. Traditional false teeth sometimes do not fit well, which can be annoying and embarrassing should a tooth or a set of dentures come loose. 

How Are Implants Done?

Having dental implants done in Kinnelon, NJ is considered major dental surgery. During the procedure, metal rods will be surgically implanted into the jawbone. A tooth will be placed on the top of this rod. This procedure can be done for one missing tooth, several, or for all of your teeth. 

Because this is a surgical procedure, there will be a certain amount of recovery time. During this recovery time, it is imperative that you follow your doctor's instructions carefully to avoid the risk of infection. Once you have fully recovered, you should be able to enjoy your new teeth in the same way you would enjoy natural teeth. 

Who Should Get Implants?

Implants are recommended for patients who have strong jawbones. If you do not have strong or healthy jawbones, you will want to discuss other options with your dentist for tooth restoration. It is also necessary that a candidate for this procedure be in relatively good health since this is considered surgery. 

How Long Do Implants Last?

If they are cared for properly, a set of implants should last from 10 to 15 years. The tooth or the crown will wear down over time and will need to be replaced. However, the metal rods on which the crowns are placed will be permanent. 

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