Just as you take your car to the mechanic for routine maintenance, so, too, should you see your family dentist in Kinnelon, NJ, for a check-dental visitsup and professional cleaning. In fact, Dr. Peter Brusco says maintaining your teeth and gums is one of your most important health-related tasks. So see your dentist at least twice a year, says the American Dental Association (ADA).

You and your mouth

To keep your oral health at its best, your family dentist in Kinnelon, NJ, recommends comprehensive oral exams and hygienic cleanings every six months. Dr. Brusco spots problems early before they advance to a complex stage, and your friendly dental hygienist removes sticky plaque and hard tartar which harbor harmful bacteria.

While most individuals--children through senior adults--do well with dental visits at six-month intervals, some people may need to come in more frequently. Patients who are prone to decay and gum disease or have multiple restorations, such as crowns and fillings, may need preventive care more frequently. Dr. Brusco will recommend appointment intervals best for your particular needs.

The goals of the routine visit

There are many. In fact, it's truly amazing how much your dental team accomplishes in one appointment. Your hygienist updates your medical history, takes X-rays as needed (to assess interdental spaces, roots and bone structure) and measures your gum pockets. This gentle probing reveals how deep the spaces between your gums and teeth are--an indicator of gingival health or periodontal disease.

Then, your hygienist uses manual tools to gently scale your teeth. That means removing built-up tartar and plaque from areas of the mouth you cannot reach with your brush and floss at home. Your cleaning finishes with a flossing and polishing with a rotary brush and special toothpaste.

Next, Dr. Brusco inspects your teeth and gums--in fact, your entire oral cavity. He performs several important checks, including:

  • Looking for decay and gum disease
  • Inspecting dental bite and alignment
  • Performing a quick oral cancer screening
  • Checking the condition of existing restorations such as fillings and crowns

Dr. Brusco will share his findings with you and recommend preventive care going forward and any needed restorations. He's also interested in your cosmetic goals. For instance, if you wish a chipped tooth repaired or your teeth whitened, this is a good time to discuss those issues.

You only get one smile

So take care of it with routine preventive care from Dr. Peter Brusco and his team. If it's time for your six-month exam and cleaning, please contact our office team at (973) 838-5862.