Only a dentist can truly say if you need to undergo a root canal therapy. However, there are warning signs and symptoms that you should not take for granted. Read on to learn them, and contact the practice of Dr. Peter Brusco in Kinnelon, NJ, if you are at all concerned.

Are You Experiencing Persistent Tooth Pain?

It may feel bothersome or may be chronic. The pain is characterized as being felt deep in the bone of the tooth. You can also experience the pain in your jaw and face aside from your teeth.

Is Your Tooth Sensitive to Cold and Heat?

You usually feel some pain in your tooth when you eat or drink something hot or cold. When a tooth needs a root canal, however, this sensitivity could be a sharp or like a dull pain and may linger until the issue is addressed.

Is Your Tooth Discolored?

Discoloration may be brought about by stains from the food you eat. In some instances though, discoloration is a sign that there is an infection in the pulp of your tooth. This creates a breakdown of the internal tissues and damages the roots, creating a grayish-black appearance of your tooth.

Do You Have Swollen Gums?

When you have swollen gums in the area of the tooth that is painful, it can be a sign that you are a candidate for root canal therapy. The swelling may not be persistent, but the gum remains tender to the touch. The swelling can be attributed to the acidic waste from the dead pulp. It may be accompanied by an abscess, a gum boil, or parulis.

Is Your Tooth Painful When Eating or Touching It?

This kind of tooth sensitivity may be an indication of severe decay or even nerve damage. If the sensitivity continues over considerable time even after you have finished eating, it’s possible that the ligament at the root tip has become infected causing hypersensitivity of the dying pulp.

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