Keeping your teeth pearly white is a tough endeavor when you choose poor lifestyle habits. Dr. Peter Brusco of Kinnelon, NJ, has a few tips and preventative measures to help you out, as well as a list of cosmetic dentistry treatments to restore confidence in your smile.

How to Reduce Staining

It really comes down to the choices we make. Poor choices hurt us and the earlier we can minimize or stop some of them, the better off we are. For one, brush and floss daily to prevent cavities that alter tooth color and break down tooth enamel, and expose more sensitive and vulnerable tooth layers. Avoid or reduce the amount of food that stains teeth, like blueberries. Don't smoke or chew tobacco because they severely stain teeth and could cause additional oral issues, like cancer and gum disease.

To properly understand what should or shouldn't be done, make sure you speak with Dr. Brusco at his Kinnelon office for more details, especially since different lifestyle choices affect people differently. If you don't take the proper preventative measures, you may risk exposing yourself to tooth loss and cosmetic dentistry won't help with that. You'll need more structural restorations to repair the damage done.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

  • Bonding is tooth-colored composite material applied to dental surfaces to close gaps, whiten teeth, and fix chipped, broken, cracked, and stained teeth
  • Veneers are wafer-thin dental appliances that adhere to tooth surfaces to hide stained, worn, chipped, or cracked teeth after the dentist removes some enamel to comfortably fit veneers.
  • Whitening and bleaching use a special kind of bleaching agent to whiten teeth. Dr. Brusco applies the material on teeth and waits an hour to whiten teeth.

Who should you contact?

Cosmetic dentistry is a safe and easy way to remove dental stains. For more information about the procedures available at Dr. Peter Brusco's office in Kinnelon, NJ, call (973) 838-5862 to schedule an appointment.